Well,  as we come to the popular sticker packages that our users love the most, we should admit that styles differ, just the way how our communication styles differ, just the way our emotional palette differs and just the way we express our feelings differs. 

This is why we have created in fact hundreds of various packages to provide all our users with stickers that would be closer to your heart, the ones that you would say ‘how cool’ and will so eagerly use in your chat with friends and family.  

We go into another round of showing off another 3 packages which we know have boomed the social media and our users eagerly download and use. 

One of the sticker packages we have at our disposal in our Sticker.Me app is the Daily chat sticker package. Here you will find the cutest images that so well comply with the text they are combined with. Within this package we have integrated the most used call outs and expressions we use on daily bases when we chat and message with our friends. This stickers will surely add a special flare and friendliness to your chat.


We should admit that it is crazy how often we discuss in our chats various topics and some of them may even lead to fury. Yes you heard it right and you have certainly even felt one :) I myself have been so many times looking for “that” special sticker that would show that I don’t feel happy about the topic of the conversation. Here we go, we have created this package to give you the space to also show your dislikes.


But do not stay with anger on a long run. Calm down and check out one of our beloved pets packages -  the Buddy Cat package. As a cat lover you will surely appreciate this sticker package. We have included the best cat expressions and emotions in our package to help you speak out as  ‘if you were a cat’. 

New characters are coming continuously. Besides the Sticker Maker is also packed with so many editing tools, which you can use to create awesome stickers of your own.

In the series of exploring our built-in packages, we will also guide your through the series of tutorials and hacks on how to use our Sticker Maker - Sticker.Me and be even more creative and unique in your chat convos!