Are you chatting with you friends and the family members on daily bases?  Then you should surely join us and start your creative journey today! Our Sticker Maker is packed with unlimited features and if you have a little creativity you will easily get back to us with features your have discovered on your own. 

Sticker.Me is a very interesting and fun app that will surely make you spend days though creating and exchanging stickers with your friends. The human creativity is endless. We believe in the creativity of our users and, therefore, we provide you with a tool packed with a lot of features to challenge your creativity and humor. 

To help you we have created a very simple tutorial which shows some of the tools that are used to create a cute chat sticker. The stickers maker tutorial is pretty much basic, but it will surely show you around the sticker maker tool. 



We hope you liked our tutorial and are rushing to challenge your creativity in creating the stickers package of you own. Follow us in our Social Channels and let us know how you enjoy creating stickers. We also want to see you creations in the comments in our Facebook page