We live in an era fully packed with technology and we love it. Interestingly enough it took us not a long time to move all our life into the virtual world and continue developing our journey according to the rules of the virtual reality. In a very short time we created the majority of languages we use in our daily lives communicating with our friends and family virtually. The craziest part of this became stickers or emoticons later on bitmojis or emojis animated stickers, memes and gifs. Evolution is still wildly on and every day one genius or just a simple human in one part of the world draws analogs to our daily life and creates new but familiar concepts. We have upgraded our communication to the level of emoticons - characters that so well show our emotions when we chat or write and do not have the possibility to hear the voice or the facial expressions of the person we communicate with. 

At Sticker.me we go a step further everyday and here we have created an app which we will surely be upgrading continuously and adding many fantastic features that you have maybe wished for. 

But today, we want to share with you some of our best sticker packages that we have created having our uses in our mind. We want to see you smile and be delighted when you chat using our stickers. 

Check out our Monkeys Package -  we have integrated here animated monkey stickers that have so cute expressions. You will surely love them. This animates sticker package will add to your imessage chat so much fun.

If you are more of a cute sticker lover then we have a batch of nice stickers for you. Check out here the Aaron & Ana Stickers as a sample. This sticker package could amaze and delight a lot of our users. In Sticker.me App you will surely find a lot of sticker packages that would fascinate you even more. 

One of the most popular sticker packages we want to present you here is the Brain stickers package.  Train your brain, keep it working at full force, be intelligent and when you chat with your friends show your emotions and thoughts with the clever brain stickers we have created for you! 

Download Sticker.me App and let the chat party begin!